Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten tips : Time management

1.Time is priceless :- Lost time can not be retrieved . Time as a resource is limited .
2. Time planning :- Assess as to how you spend time in a day. Identify activity , which you can forgo or do less . Care full use of the time will ensure more time for the activity which may make a difference .
3. Fix priority :- Fix priority of the work in hand . Allocate maximum & minimum time for managing activity 24 hours .
4. Timely start :- Where ever possible , begin & complete assignment & projects in hand well in time in order to avoid undue tension . Never wait for the last moment .
5. Time table :- Start by preparing a time table . Draw a schedule that will work for your preferred style of study i.e. at particular time , you are able to handle difficult tasks .
6. Create a learning enviorment :- The best enviorment is one where you feel motivated , alert & reasonably comfortable to study .
7. Note down :- Always carry a pencil & paper with you . The moment you get an unique idea or you hear some thing noteworthy - note it down on the paper & retain it at a place where it can be reached easily . It is an absolute time saver .
8. Assess potential time wasting activities :- Some of these are net surfing , channel surfing , lack of self discipline , avoiding or postponing difficult tasks .These unknowingly consume time , therefore , avoid these .
9. Fix priority :- It is better to concentrate on select activity or interest & increase proficiency & efficiency in them . Other wise you may find you self exhausted & unsatisfied .
10. Seek help :- There will be time that when in spite of all planning , you may not be able to stick to your schedule . At such time seek help from some one close to you .
Remember you have the same 24 hours that were given to Mother Teressa , Lois Pasture , Helen Keller or Albert Einstein . It is how you use your time ,that makes the difference .

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Plan career : ten tips

1. Prepare a list of your interest .
2. Take a realistic look at your strength & weaknesses .
3. Make a list of your career goals & values .
4. List your aptitude & skills .
5. Take note of all the jobs that interest you .
6. Research careers based on the above .
7. Volunteer or work in a job that interest you .
8. Talk to people already in careers that interest you .
9. Gather as much information as possible on the relevant courses - institutions , the duration & cost involved .
10. Finally consider issues that can affect your plans . Such as how you will manage family or relationship commitments or how will you balance your work & going to school .

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keep Fit : Points for kids

Now a days obesity is a major problem faced by kids . Watching TV for long duration is largely responsible for it . If one wants to remain fit , one should exercise and give less time to the TV daily.
Recently the American academy of pediatrics advised kids to watch TV or play video games for not more than two hours in a day . Further kids should under take two to three hours of physical activity daily . It can be in the form like walking on foot . Either bringing required articles from market or participating in sports .
Research has come to the conclusion that boys must under take minimum of thirteen thousand steps & girls eleven thousand steps as essential minimum physical exercise .
You must get motivated by cartoon characters who keep moving around and running in the TV serials .

Friday, February 5, 2010

Leader ship

As per the psychologists , each one of us wish to be recognized in social or business activities & considered as a person par excellence . Psychologists advise that one should think twice before uttering any word in respect of others . It should be remembered always that measured & balanced speech have long lasting impressions . By doing it one will not only make an impression in a meeting or get together , in one's area of activity but also chances of misunderstanding will vanish .
- The meaning of word spoken should be clear .
- The easiest way to be recognized in a society is to always fulfill promises made to others .
- Always keep in mind that spirit of honesty , dependability & responsibility are the qualities which give distinct identity .
- Always present one self in the form of a valuable & latest brand .Imagine that you have good qualities which are distinct from others .As per the psychologists this way of thinking will boost morale & enthusiasm .It will help in winning the people .
- Most of us desire success in leaving an impression where ever we go .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keep Fit : Points

The secret of good health is to follow a restrained daily routine & intake of nutritious food . To remain healthy through out life , keep in mind following points :-
1. Eat only when you feel hungry . Before eating think for at least one to one & half minute that are you really hungry or intend to eat to pass time . Do not over eat .
2 . Drink water in place of sweat drinks . As water does not have calories .
3. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables & fruits . These give a feeling of filled stomach because of the reason that these are nutritious & contain fiber .
4. Select food as per the requirement of your body . Avoid eating fine flour , sweat , fast food & chips .
5. Instead of watching TV or sitting at one place , move around as much as possible .
6. Make a food diary . Keep a record in it of what you are eating . It will keep you mind full of your in take of calories .
7 Sleep for at least eight hours . Disturbance in sleep affects metabolic hormones . It increases the activity of 'grilin hormone ' responsible for causing hunger .

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crop of apples require one more snow fall

In the District Uttarkashi in the state of Uttarahkand , the apple garden are being pep-aired so that adequate money is generated . Cutting of apple trees is in progress for flowering in the month of April . One more snow fall is desired by the farmers . How ever after this years rainfall & snow fall , the farmers are working very hard . At present 7254 hectare land is under apple gardens .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Agression control : Strategies

. Accept that being angry is perfectly normal .
. Identify your source / trigger of anger .
. Shift your focus from ' what was done to me ' to ' what I can do ' .
. Create positive self talk .
. Identify your irrational beliefs .
. Think of a more rational and adaptive plan of action .
. Change thoughts that provoke anger , interpreting the situation from a different ( less provoking ) point of view .
. Write down angry thoughts .
. Focus on gratitude - make a list of things you are thankful for .